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1977 | Our Story

A woman with a dream and a passion started a Modeling Agency 26 years ago, to provide a safe pathway for young aspiring models.

It all started in 1977, when Karen ventured into the modeling industry with a love for fashion and dance.

1996 | Our Story

She took her knowledge and experiences from a professional modeling career along with a business partner, Margaret “Kitty”Arndt, and began to open doors to the Ohio market in 1996 with a company they called Active Image Management, Ltd.

After 7 years of hard work and dedication to building a reputable and successful modeling agency, In 2003, Kitty retired and Karen took over the business.

2003 | Our Story

In addition to running a fast paced modeling agency, Karen and her husband Mark, who were busy raising a family, soon introduced their three children into the business. David, their oldest son, made his runway debut at 18 months old!

Their daughter Monica was working as a Fit & print model and eventually got signed with an agency in NY which opened her eyes to new modeling experiences. Their son Kevin worked as a Fit & print model in addition to developing his photography skills for the agency. Over the last several years, Active Image had become a family-run agency with the help and support of team members David, Monica and Kevin.

2011 | Our Story

In the summer of 2011 “The Network” reached out to Karen about a new opportunity for companies like hers that could potentially take their agencies to a whole new level. At first, Karen refused their requests but after researching Paul Fisher and The Network, who have worked with some of the world’s top models in the business, soon discovered this could potentially be the “missing link” to what she’s been dreaming of to take the agency further. This was an opportunity of a lifetime for Karen and her family.

The Network came to Active Image at the right time, when the struggling economy was hitting her business hard. Paul was inspired by Karen’s passion and the support from her family. He created a new division which he called Sigal Models & Talent. The new logo design symbolizes the love for the family and the business.

2011 Continued | Our Story

After being “REMODELED” from the inside out, the agency now has a new purpose, with even more determination and passion to take the agency to the level Karen and her family have always dreamed about. Paul and his team did their “MAGIC” for the Sigal family, and they love the new agency name he gave to them. He calls us La Familia! We are excited about our future with The Network agency.

Being featured on a reality show is a unique experience. Our “Remodeled” journey was an absolute roller coaster ride, one that we will all remember and cherish for the rest of our lives!”

2020 | Our Story

To date, the Sigal Team has successfully trained and mentored thousands of Models, who have found work with over 100 major US and International brands!

In 2020 Sigal Model Academy was formed! The SMA team continues to build and develop new pathways and to protect aspiring models from unrealistic expectations, bogus explanations and scandalous exploitation.

Mother and daughter are both committed to candidly sharing the unvarnished truth about this often crazy and complex industry. Their professional team is backed by their credentials and years of experience, they will be your expert guides through it all!

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