If you’re serious about a modeling career, here’s a special invitation to the exclusive …

Sigal Models Mini Workshops

If you’re serious about a modeling career, here’s a special invitation to the exclusive …

Do you want to speed your advancement in the modeling industry? And also avoid mistakes that can short-circuit your success? The new Sigal Model’s Mini Workshops were created just for you!

Now you can join a special group of dedicated upcoming models committed to learning and doing what it takes to become a paid model.

Accelerate Your Modeling Career

Some of the courses being offered include…

Model Casting “Making the Right Impression”

Master the art of entering a room, following directions and appearing confident and professional from the first day you enter a modeling agency or casting call.

“The Art of Posing”

This no-nonsense instruction gives you the skills that agencies and casting decision-makers expect you know… so you walk, sit and stand in the most flattering poses with ease.

Runway Training

“Owning” the runway is one of the crucial steps to career success for top industry models. This class combines careful pacing, posing, stride and attitude secrets to looking your best as well as being your best for every client again and again – for expertise and professionalism they can depend on every time!

Do You Have What It Takes?

Learn how to slate and “read” a script for a commercial audition. Discover tricks of the trade and learn how to sell a product!

  • This vital material is exclusive in the modeling industry
  • Professional guidance, advice & insights
  • Tip Sheet for new model advancement
  • Personal Coaching with Industry professionals
  • Individual Guidance and Constructive Critique

Are you destined for a successful modeling career? Here’s viable, realistic, top-level support to help you make that decision for yourself. And you won’t find genuine support of this caliber anywhere else!

Avoid disappointment, wasted time, money and energy on wrong paths or deceptive outlets.

Karen Sigal and her team will tear down the façade and open the door to the real world of modeling so you’re prepared for the challenges ahead – the fun, excitement, surprises and opportunities for those who know the ropes – and are ready to climb!

To get started, click the link below to schedule your Mini Workshops!

ADULT & YOUTH Mini Workshops

Was $250… Now Only $175!

We look forward to working with you.


Karen Sigal

Sigal Models & Talent