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Justice Fit Models are carefully selected based on body type, proportion and measurements. if you meet the specifications, you get paid to try on sample clothes and give your opinion!

Sigal offers and exclusive Fit Model Workshop!

NOW Scouting for Fit Models!

Justice Youth Sizes: 6-20 Regular, 8-24 Plus

Girls Ages: 6-13 Years

Do you have what it takes?!

Our Clients are looking for:

  • Models that are signed by an Agency
  • Models that have the right measurements
  • Good posture
  • A likable personality
  • A professional Manner
  • Models that have patience

How Do I become a Fit Model With Sigal?

While having the “perfect dimensions” to test and try on clothing is necessary in order to be considered for Fit Modeling, training is also extremely important. 

Our Clients expect our Fit Models to be prepared and understand their role with helping the retail industry in a fast paced environment. 


Setting You Up For Success!

What you can expect to learn at this workshop:

  • Giving the best first impression
  • Fit Modeling Introduction
  • Confidence in photo posing
  • Print Modeling Introduction
  • Modeling with Justice Props
  • Yoga techniques for Self-Love



Are you the right fit? 

Please note that Fit Models are not Fitness Models. Being a Fitness Model is solely about the fitting of clothing. This segment of the industry will not result in your photo being in an ad.  Ideal candidates will have a flexible schedule after school and during the summer and are committed to being available for fittings.

Sigal Models is the EXCLUSIVE AGENCY for Fit Models for the Justice Brand

There is a High Demand For fit models in Columbus, Ohio!

 The Fit Model Workshop will provide potential Fit Models with accurate measurements, opportunities to learn about the industry and bonus training on Print Modeling! 

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